At Le Pharm we passionately love the versatility of the hemp plant. We sell a curated range of carefully crafted products as well as bestsellers in the industry. We also manufacture white labels to service other retail companies that share our values and quality standards. Our mission is to inform people about the many positive health benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) and hemp seed oil. With our wide range of 100% natural products we want to share our knowledge and bring more balance into the lives of our customers.

  • 100% natural
  • No chemical solvents
  • 100% organic
  • Available in pharmacies
  • Different aromas of CBD oil

Quality CBD oils
from local production

many years of experience in the
cannabis industry

With our holistic approach, we not only provide natural wellness products, but we are committed to fairness and transparency. Because we believe in the power of plants, one of our main priorities is to protect the environment, so all our raw materials come from sustainable organic agriculture. In this way we can ensure that all hemp plants are grown in ideal conditions and without chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. By extracting CO2, we not only gently extract the main cannabinoids, but also preserve the fragile substances called terpenes and flavonoids that play a role in the so-called “entourage effect”. Moreover, no chemical solvents are used in CO2 extraction, resulting in final extracts that are completely safe.

Quality CBD oils from local production

Qualified manufacturers of our high quality products provide us with many years of experience in the cannabis industry and share their knowledge in their own production in Switzerland. Here we produce all our CBD oils and wellness products using modern, complex and gentle technologies. After production, each CBD oil is tested in laboratories to ensure their purity, quality, CBD concentration and legal amount of THC (<0.2%). Our exclusive line of hemp cosmetics is also ECOCERT certified and is made from 100% organic ingredients without any synthetic additives.

We know that each individual has different needs. Therefore our CBD oils are supplied in 4 different strength levels and different flavors.

Try all the different aromas of CBD oil and find your new favorite products.

You do not have Le Pharm products in your nearby store in your area? Check out our online store where you can find all our products..

Don’t have Lepharm products in your nearest store in your area? Check our online store where you can find all our products.

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