Body Care

Body Care

Eliminate fungi quickly and effectively with IZAEFFECT products. These products target fungi, viruses, and bacteria, providing the perfect solution for the health of your nails, feet, and hands. The biodegradable formulas are specifically designed to effectively eliminate and prevent the recurrence of infections.

IZAEFFECT Products for Combating Nail and Foot Fungus

Discover the comprehensive range of IZAEFFECT products, specially formulated to combat 99.9% of fungi and care for the skin on your feet and body. Each product in this line offers specific benefits to maintain the health and beauty of your skin:

IZAEFFECT Anti-Fungal Spray for Nails and Feet: Quickly and effectively destroys 99.9% of fungi thanks to its biodegradable and odorless formula. Ideal for daily use, spray directly onto clean and dry nails and feet.
IZAEFFECT Foot Therapy Gel: Enriched with vitamin E and refreshing essential oils, this gel provides relief, hydration, and care, leaving the skin soft and smooth while offering long-lasting protection against fungi.
IZAEFFECT Lavender Foot Care Bath: Enjoy the relaxing effect of a bath that combines unrefined sea salt with lavender oil, providing deep exfoliation and detoxification while reducing the presence of fungi and bacteria.

Each product from the IZAEFFECT line is precisely developed to meet the specific needs of your skin, especially in fighting fungi, ensuring that your feet and body enjoy premium care. Designed for regular use, these products ensure protection against fungi, promote regeneration, and offer relaxation, becoming key elements of your daily beauty and health routine.

CBD Oils for Body Care and Massage

Experience the benefits of CBD body oil that combines relaxation and the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol (CBD) for mental clarity and balance during stressful days. Ideal for massage, CBD oil promotes muscle regeneration and protects the skin from oxidative stress while simultaneously combating signs of aging. Warm the CBD oil in your hands and massage it into the skin after showering for maximum absorption and hydration.